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Westmount Art

Founded by Illustrator. Artist. Maker. Luna Xue.

Luna Xue is an UK based artist who started drawing when she was little and have been doing illustration work since 2015. Before attending ECA (University of Edinburgh, Scotland), Luna was living in United States. Most of her work before 2021 was about parents and children’s relationships, education, mental health.

During her time studying in ECA as a graduate student, Luna found her connection with botanical drawing and print making.

With the inspiration of gardening life during covid, isolation during crisis, nature of Scotland, Luna started a botanical collection which lasted beyond her study and has became her main project as a full time artist and maker that  includes contemporary botanical posters, flower themed female bodies and their wearables.  

Luna hopes that through Westmount art collections and workshops:

Everyone feel accepted and loved as part of nature and spread the love we received to each other;  

Topics about nature, environment, body positivity, gender positivity and mental health can be talked and supported by more audience;

Everyone contributes to building a better world  with equal love and rights for all genders, all races and all special needs.


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